Stormcast Sales Consulting launches a new website…

We have now launched our new Stormcast Sales Consulting website and the timing could not have been any better. The tech sector is one of the fastest growing parts of our economy in the UK, generating over £1.6Bn turnover and creating 2X the number of jobs than the wider economy.  It is also exciting to see the North East tech scene leading the way, booming and scaling at pace, right on our doorstep.

With scale of course comes challenges and many of our tech sector Start Up, Scale Up business customers are experiencing growing pains in keeping pace with change in their businesses. For many large Enterprise customers, long standing sales processes and methodologies simply haven’t transformed to keep pace with the change in customer buying behaviours. In SMB’s around 80% don’t have a defined sales process or methodology. It hasn’t been see as a priority, until now.

With scale, sales process and methodology constraints, provide barriers to reaching more customers or expanding existing customer relationships. Buyers are increasingly savvy and more informed than ever. The number of people involved in buying decisions has increased and coverage throughout the sales cycle is essential to win more business.

Our clients tell us they want to drive more sales growth, of course. Some are hindered by their own success, turning down business as they don’t have the resource and capacity. However, we find most of them have something in common. They want to win more of the right type of business, where the value proposition meets the demand of customers and delivers significant business value.

At Stormcast, we are passionate about changing the world of sales for every B2B customer in the tech sector, Start Up, Scale Up or Enterprise, providing the sales outsourced services to drive more business, the sales consulting services to support sales transformation and the ongoing sales coaching and mentoring that makes it stick, makes it lasting, sustainable and provides people with the learning and development that will build their professional sales futures.

Stormcast are also passionate about being different. We focus on delivering results and outcomes not generic training courses. Lasting sustainable change and learning will come from us getting engaged deeper with sales functions within our customers’ business, to provide leading edge sales services built around our core sales methodology CAST Selling™

Where our approach and methodology is different is in our belief that true sales success comes from how we engage, lead our customers through the buying journey and how we communicate and take advantage of the opportunity – together.

If you would like to learn more about how Stormcast Sales Consulting and how we can deliver sales success with you, please visit us at

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