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Developing First Class Sellers


Our Sales Training and Coaching

We know that over 80% of the knowledge gained during classroom based generic sales training is wasted the moment people return to their everyday sales roles.

Stormcast believe in sales training and coaching with a difference. We believe in making our training and coaching:

  • Relevant and Industry focussed
  • Results oriented
  • Personal, by factoring individual needs and behavioural styles
  • Long lasting and effective

Our expertise covers the requirements of businesses in all stages of their development:

Behind our approach is a proven, modern sales approach CAST Selling® designed to keep your sales teams focussed on your customers, bringing you closer to the customer buying cycle and winning more of the right deals in your pipeline.

CAST Selling® Training and Coaching

CAST Selling® is the sales training and coaching cloud based platform from Stormcast that is designed for SME businesses that sell B2B.

We believe the key to increasing sales revenue is through aligning 4 key areas of your customers buying journey with your sales approach; customer, alternatives, support and target. Our CAST Selling® opportunity development tool takes sales people through a simple, proven approach to qualifying and developing sales opportunities that is engaging and effective for both sellers and non-sellers.

C– customer – why do they buy?

A– alternatives – what do they buy?

S– support – who is buying?

T– target – when do they buy?

With CAST Selling®, we show you how increasing sales and growing revenue is more than just a handful of efforts, but rather a targeted, precise, aligned set of objectives across these four areas. If a sales organisation isn’t delivering you will likely find opportunities to improve in one or more of these areas. When all or any of these four are not working together, then driving consistent and predictablerevenue is almost impossible.

Our team works with your business providing sales training and coaching to help you achieve increased results. By gaining an understanding of your business drivers and goals, our tailored sales performance service will support your teams to transform sales, improve customer relationships and value and help you increase your sales success. By adopting the accompanying CAST Selling® cloud based software platform, we create the perfect, long lasting environment for sales teams and individuals to collaborate and improve performance on the sales opportunities that matter to your business.

In fact, businesses we have previously worked with have typically seen an increase of 35% in sales achieved within 3 months of working with us!

Here’s what just some of them have said:

The CAST Selling methodology is perfect for a scaling technology business like Activ. It has helped us get the clarity on the real sales opportunities where we can win, to give us a common sales language across our business and prioritise where we invest time and resources. Individual sales people now have a structured way to assess their opportunities and prioritise. Our forecasting accuracy has improved by around 30% and in the first quarter after delivering the CAST selling workshop, we increased sales by 20%. Ian Gillespie, Managing Director, Activ Technology Limited

With my sales team growing and the type of sales opportunities we are pitching for becoming more complex the CAST selling methodology has been fantastic for us. It has enabled me to have a consistent review of sales opportunities with all of my sales team which reduces sales meeting times and improves our productivity. It has also focused each of my sales team on how they work with sales prospects to build the opportunity which is leading to enhanced proposal quality from us. Since we have introduced CAST we have seen our win rate for major sales opportunities increase by 35%. Neil Robbins, Managing Director, Silverbean

Structure of the CAST Selling® Workshop Packaged Offering:

  • Pre-Workshop Preparation (1/2 day) – Customer business alignment and goal setting with management
  • Day 1 – Learning the methodology and developing the qualification tool qualifiers relevant to your business
  • Day 2 – Application and adoption of the methodology using real opportunity examples and group scenarios
  • Access to the CAST Selling® cloud software platform within your business


Whatever you sales challenge, question or requirement, we are always on-hand to discuss how we can help. Please get in touch and start a conversation today.