Moving the dial on sales training…

At Stormcast Sales Consulting, we recognise that the basics of sales training alone are simply not enough to succeed in today’s selling climate.

The DNA of top sales performers have common traits that are covered in most, if not all of the top sales methodologies, but we need to do more, to get closer and deeper with our clients, to move the dial on sales training and reduce the sales competency gap that exists from generic sales training.

I have seen many examples of this sales competency ‘gap’ recently. One of our clients we engaged with has invested in sales training through one of the mainstream offerings and whilst it was both interesting and practical to the delegates, it didn’t go deep enough into their business, to deal with the complexity they see today in their sales engagements. These complexities exist in changing buyer behaviour, stakeholder engagement and being able to predict and influence the decision process, to name a few examples.

By nature, around 80% of what delegates absorb in the few days of typical training, is forgotten by their first few days back in the office. We have to move the dial and change the approach that offers more value to the sales profession.

Our mission at Stormcast is to roll our sleeves up and get in the trenches with our clients and their sales people, to change the dial on sales performance.

Rather than typical generic classroom based sales training to a broad range of delegates, instead, we focus on creating personal, relevant, next level sales outcomes through the people we work with, the sales stars of yesterday, today and tomorrow, who have different levels of experience, different behavioural styles and crucially work for different businesses that are often trying to scale their businesses and want relevant training and coaching that delivers.

Our approach starts with the similar theme to others, the problem that we try to solve for customers, but from there we offer far more from creating innovative solutions, to helping our customer connect deeper with their customers, to building the right execution plans, to engaging wider stakeholders. We make sure everything we do with our clients is relevant by working on real sales scenarios and opportunities with the client sales team.

Through our relevant, modern approach to consulting and our proven sales methodology CAST Selling™, we achieve the desired outcomes for our clients through moving the dial to achieve greater outcomes with their customers.

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