Leveraging Technology in Sales Coaching

As a sales coach, trainer and consultant for technology businesses, I am passionate about enhancing and improving the way coaching is delivered and experienced by sales professionals at every stage of their careers.


Having experienced the traditional classroom based sales training with the ‘canned’ methodologies and then the video based scripted role plays (which make me cringe even thinking about them!), it is great to see the sales industry moving forwards in terms of improving the way we engage and deliver coaching to bring even the most basic sales training to life.


I have always been interested in the synergies between professional sales and professional sport and I have always viewed B2B sales as a professional ‘sport’ albeit in a business context. The need to develop the skills, the psychology, the experience and the ability learn from peers and fellow professionals. The willingness to grow and be successful in a results driven business are just some of the commonalities and traits that the sales profession shares with top end sport.


A few weeks ago, I was watching my football team playing in an Under23 match. I was sitting up in the stand next to a couple of their coaches, with some interesting technology in play, capturing and recording every pass, every touch of the ball, every moment, every blade of grass covered by each young player. This was then insight that could be analysed and leveraged the following week on the training ground. The individual player development is enhanced through real life performance analysis and ongoing improvement.


Last week, we experienced one of greatest ever World Athletics Championships in London. The success of the British Men’s and Women’s relay teams, were testament to the amount of training, coaching, analysis and preparation. The differentiator is not only the physical and endurance training, but the willingness to self assess, seek improvement and the coaching on the track before the must win performances, leveraging technology to gain competitive advantage.


If we think about the traditional sales and business training and coaching, we have historically, seen classroom based training take precedent and less of the real world coaching and analysis, where it matters, with sales professionals in front of customers.


For me, coaching should be about developing people to become better at what they do, be more effective and technology solutions like www.Refract.tv are powerful tools that enable sales coaches and players to coach in a natural setting, in the true environment, on customer calls, demos, meetings and have value both for self-reflection and analysis, but also for the coach to focus on developing the skills and techniques to get next-level results for individuals and their employers and customers.


The sales profession has an exciting future as we embrace AI and technology to improve performance. The human interaction in selling and the emotional relationship will continue to differentiate the good from the great as we bring powerful insights to both sales coaching and performance where we develop sales talent where it matters – with customers


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